In cooperation with Polarbåt AS, Nux Inventum brings Norwegian classic Polar boats to Finland for season 2017. Our models include 20- and 22-feet versions for an unforgettable day at sea. When you and your nine friends enjoy a sunny day at sea in a Polar boat,  your boating world is no longer the same.

22 Classic

Polar 22 Classic is the Polar flagship. It's a boat you're asked to drive slower to make the journey last longer.

Wooden interior and hull made of glass fiber for easy maintenance. Polar 22 is probably loveliest boat in the whole world.

Polar 22

Polar 22 is for ecological and maintenance-friendly way to explore the archipelago. It's interior requires very little care, and the beautiful hull lines are enjoyable. P22 option list is long enough to make it even comparable with the Classic.

Polar 20

Polar 20 has the best maneuverability due to it's two feet shorter hull, yet offering the same 10 person capacity. It's the most economical Polar model, without compromising your comfort at sea. Polar 20 has the same options as the 22 feeter versions.

Our showcase boat m/b Manteli (Finnish for 'almond') is a 22 feet Polar Classic built in 2008. It's brought to Finland from Sandefjord Norway by private import and the boat operates in southern Finland. When you're interested in getting yourself an own Polar, please feel free to contact us for demonstration.

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